• Chris Ramondelli

Salaries in the NHL 2014/2015 Season Thru 2018/2019 Season

From this chart we can see a chart of the amount of players in the NHL who made a certain amount of money in a 5 year span.

The following is a frequency table from the graph that might be more easily read:

From these two visuals, we see that a majority of NHL Players make less than 1 million per year. Another interesting find is that more players make in between 3 mil and 5 mil than the amount of players who make between 1-2 million and 2-3 million respectively.

The 11 players who make more than 10 million or more in the last 5 seasons are:

Anze Kopitar makes exactly 10 Mil a year and is not included in this table.

Further Analysis will break down the salaries by season and by salary ranges used in the histogram above. Future Analysis will also go more in depth into the salary cap situation, with the end goal having a model to predict the market value of players based on many statistics publicly available through and

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