• Chris Ramondelli

Does a higher Point total mean a higher WAR?

A few posts ago we introduced the statistic WAR, Wins Above Replacement. WE also saw that WAR did not have a high positive correlation with Salaries (0.3446). One metric that is more highly correlated with Salaries is Points (.5203). The next step is to see if Points and WAR have a high correlation with one another.

One would assume that a player who contributes many points for their teams have a greater WAR because of their production in points alone.


  • Points and WAR are positively correlated with a correlation of 0.6779

  • A player with a higher point total will have a higher WAR

The same process as WAR vs Salaries is used in this WAR vs Points scenario. Multiple sample sizes are created based on a specific number for salary and correlations between WAR and Points are found for each of the samples.


  • The correlation between WAR and Points decreases slightly as the salary minimum increases.

  • The correlation between WAR and Points for players making over 10 million is very high (0.7651). This can be due to the very small sample size of players with that high of a salary (11 players)


  • A player with a higher point total will most likely have a higher WAR

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